ServSafe Training

ServSafe Training

Servsafe training is online course provides supervising food safety for catering and includes the latest regulations and food safety knowledge for the United Kingdom. The online course is convenient and easy to use for new and experienced restaurant supervisors, managers, or staff, who needs food safety training.

It needs level 1 or level 2 training for catering. Aegis4Training made sure to gladly offer the requirements before you could take the Servsafe online training.

These are the following food service training that Aegis4Training offers.

  • Level 1 Food Safety for Catering, the course will train your employees to give them increased awareness of the dangerous effects that poor food safety standards can give.
  • Level 2 Food Safety for Catering, the course is targeted for food caterers and food managers about more advance food safety topics when it comes to catering.

Aegis4Training also offers other food related food safety training from other business models of the food industry who cater and provide food service differently.

  • Level 1 Food Safety for Manufacturing, the course is focused on the importance of safety in manufacturing food which will provide food manufacturers with the knowledge on how can they assure their product’s safety.
  • Level 2 Food Safety for Manufacturing, the course focuses more about keeping cleanliness and other steps on how to avoid food spoilage.
  • Level 1 Food Safety for Retail, the course will provide retailers knowledge in food safety in the retail environment.
  • Level 2 Food Safety for Retail, the course gives more advance coverage about food safety for retailing food businesses, especially regarding the environment.

For more information about food safety training needs, and other related topics please contact Aegis4Training.



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