ServSafe Training

ServSafe Training

Servsafe training is online course provides supervising food safety for catering and includes the latest regulations and food safety knowledge for the United Kingdom. The online course is convenient and easy to use for new and experienced restaurant supervisors, managers, or staff, who needs food safety training.

It needs level 1 or level 2 training for catering. Aegis4Training made sure to gladly offer the requirements before you could take the Servsafe online training.

These are the following food service training that Aegis4Training offers.

  • Level 1 Food Safety for Catering, the course will train your employees to give them increased awareness of the dangerous effects that poor food safety standards can give.
  • Level 2 Food Safety for Catering, the course is targeted for food caterers and food managers about more advance food safety topics when it comes to catering.

Aegis4Training also offers other food related food safety training from other business models of the food industry who cater and provide food service differently.

  • Level 1 Food Safety for Manufacturing, the course is focused on the importance of safety in manufacturing food which will provide food manufacturers with the knowledge on how can they assure their product’s safety.
  • Level 2 Food Safety for Manufacturing, the course focuses more about keeping cleanliness and other steps on how to avoid food spoilage.
  • Level 1 Food Safety for Retail, the course will provide retailers knowledge in food safety in the retail environment.
  • Level 2 Food Safety for Retail, the course gives more advance coverage about food safety for retailing food businesses, especially regarding the environment.

For more information about food safety training needs, and other related topics please contact Aegis4Training.



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Catering Courses in UK

Catering Courses in UK

Do you have food catering businesses at hand?

Know that food safety and hygiene is a legal obligation for every food catering services out there particularly in the UK. Though regardless of where you are in the world, most likely your government also had a food safety law that caterers required to follow.

For every different kind of food business there are dedicated set of food safety training that the UK law requires and that includes food catering services. Whatever type of food business an employer has, Aegis4Training offers them all.

As for food catering though, the following courses are offered by Aegis4Training which fulfills the necessities that the UK law of food safety requires them.

Level 1 Food Safety for Catering, the course will train your employees to give them increased awareness of the dangerous effects that poor food safety standards can give. The training course focuses on:

  • Learning about Food Safety Legislation.
  • The Hazards from Delivery to Service of food.
  • Different basic Risk Control (Prevention of Contamination).
  • And specifically this training is targeted for new employees who have no or little food safety training under their belt.

Level 2 Food Safety for Catering, the course is targeted for food caterers and food managers about more advance food safety topics when it comes to catering. The training course focuses on more advanced food safety topics like keeping a clean environment proper temperature control etc.

Other related food industry food safety training is also offered by Aegis4Training such as Level 1 & 2 Food Safety for Manufacturing and Level 1 & 2 Food Safety for Retail.

When it comes to food safety training needs especially those especially for businesses who belong to the UK Aegis4Training offers these.

Aegis4Training also offers other workplace safety training needs that workplaces needed as well.



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Food Handlers Permit

Food Handlers Permit

Businesses from the food industry in the UK are required by the law to give their employees the necessary food safety training that they all require. Now these food safety training cannot be dismissed easily for it’s a concern for the safety of those who will eat the food the business produces. Meaning that those who consume the food service a business provides, they are also responsible to whatever happens to them.

It’s really no different even for other countries when it comes to food businesses regardless of where you are, your country likely requires you to have a permit that shows food safety. As for the UK The Food Standards Act 1999 enforces all food caterers, food manufacturers or food retailers to follow the standards of food safety in their workplaces. Other countries also have varied laws for food safety standard that all food businesses need to apply.

Those who don’t follow the food safety standards for their businesses aren’t safe as The Official Feed and Food Controls (England) Regulations 2009 make sure that there are officials who will enforce the law and assessments upon food businesses if they actually follow the food safety standard given.

Food safety training of different kind often focuses on giving knowledge to the trainees about how to prevent contamination through temperature control, packaging and other methods as well as emphasis on food handlers hygiene like habits of washing hands, how to handle food, what to wear while handling food etc.

Where do food businesses from the UK get this kind of permit that allows them to operate while following the food safety law? Aegis4Training is your answer.

Aegis4Training can provide the updated food safety training that all kinds of food businesses need in the regions of Europe and UK.



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Train your employee with level 2 food hygiene to have a certification

Train your employee with level 2 food hygiene to have a certification

Food safety and hygiene is essential for anybody who is likely to be involved in a business from the food industry. It is the employer’s obligation to make sure that their employees are well equipped and completely hygienic in the manner they handle food and themselves to lessen the risks of food contamination significantly.

As such it is important to train employees with the Level 1 food safety training. Regardless of the type of food business, whether you’d be offering per meal services like catering and restaurants or mass producing food like manufacturing. It does not matter as long you provide that for your employees.

Level 1 Food safety focuses on the importance of not only food safety in the catering but also hospitality which will provide food handlers with knowledge of how will they contribute to the product safety. The course is dedicated on informing you the food safety legislation, hazards that threatens food safety from the delivery of the materials to producing the food service and the necessary knowledge for prevention of contamination and cleanliness of the premise.

That being said, training your employees with level 2 food safety is also very important. The course content that level 2 food safety covers are:

  • Food hygiene and safety importance
  • Personal and legal obligations
  • The effects of food-related incidents
  • Causes of food contamination
  • Good hygiene practices
  • Controlling the temperature and proper packaging to avoid food contamination.

Employees working on a food industry business should have level 2 food safety certification, for not only it’s a legal obligation that the law requires the business to oblige but also those who handle our food should be wary and careful before serving them. For both the employee and even the employer alike are responsible for whatever happens to those who consume the food that the business produced.

So rather than risk the chances of food-related incidents, wouldn’t it be better to have precaution of it? For more information please contact aegis4training.

Why we do we need food hygiene course?

Why we do we need food hygiene course


A business in the food industry isn’t unusual; you would find thousands upon thousands of different kind of food industry service. You would find restaurants, catering services for different kinds of food culture and even the mass producing fast food chains and food manufacturers. Regardless of what kind of food service does one offer for the food industry, it is important to make sure that those who prepare food follow the code of standards of cleanliness.

Yes, making sure that the food is tasty, nutritious and cost-efficient isn’t the only concern that food servers have. To ensure the cleanliness of the food served, the hygiene of the employees who will handling the food must be following the food safety standards is also another concern those who have businesses in the food industry should be considering.

For one thing disregarding such simple thing may lead to harm for those who consume the food service that the businesses provide. Problems that come from neglecting food safety standards such as food contamination could cause harm and serious threatening health issues for the customers. And it’s not just about the customers; it is also disruptive for the business and a violation to the food safety law. Every country has a food safety standard law, in fact in the UK there is an entire organization dedicated to make sure that the food safety are up to standards.

And doing so applying for the Level 1 Food Safety course is important. Whether your business may be for catering, manufacturing or retail. After applying for the level 1 food safety course of the food business you have, applying for the level 2 food safety courses are also important.

All employees of a food industry business should be following the standards set for food safety.

To find out more about food safety, check out aegis4traning!