Keep Your Staff Safe • CPD & ROSPA Accredited

Aegis4training is a virtual branch of Aegis Compliance Limited, located at The Meadows, Hind Heath Road, Sandbach, a company specialising in property management tools, which services regard to Health Care, Food Manufacturing, Building Construction, and other industries.
Aegis4training is an E-learning center that offers online courses about safety in both homes and the working environment. Our training services cover a wide range of knowledge and measures to ensure that the legal responsibilities of your business establishment are achieved.
Our training courses are set with a specific amount of time and a fixed time period which can be settled in your terms. We value your time because we know that business time is real time, no second should be spared for anything non-profitable. Every second that you will invest with, as we guarantee, counts.
Aegis4training was built with the purpose of helping beginning and high-rising companies empower not only their business but most especially, their employers.
Aegis4training mainly helps companies attaining the legal requirements for Food Safety (for manufacturers, retailers, and caterers), Fire Safety (includes courses on Awareness, fire extinguishing equipment, and the role of fire marshals), Basic Legionella Management. But our services are not limited to that. We also offer training courses for Asbestos awareness, Common Hazardous Substances in a Workplace, Display Screen Equipment and how to assess it, and First Aid. Also included in our set of training courses are Safeguarding Children and Safeguarding Adults.

Our Mission is to provide you a learning environment that is not only informative but also fun – guaranteed no dull moments. What we offer is a set of eye-opening training courses that will enhance your awareness and will boost your responsiveness on emergency events or outbreaks that will take place in your area.

Aegis4training aims to equip you with skills and knowledge needed to maintain the safety of your environment. Also, to ensure your employees health and wellbeing in the workplace.