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 Level 1 Food Safety for Retail

Retailers, which are the distributor of the products, must also know that goods might still perish if not handled well because of the lack of knowledge. This course will provide retailers knowledge in food safety in the retail environment. This will aim retailers who supply both open and packaged food.


Product Description


Retailers, who may also be the product distributors, must understand that, through a lack of knowledge, goods might perish if not handled well. This course, which applies to both open and packaged food, will teach the introductory knowledge around food safety in the retail

Knowing why hygiene, cleaning, and waste management matter is essential even for retailers. As you progress through the Level 1 food safely course, you will learn the importance of stock rotation and contamination prevention through ensuring the condition of food packaging, to temperature control.

One example of a regulation that retailers must make sure is the EU Food Information for Consumers Regulation (No. 1169/2011) which states that all food businesses must declare any of fourteen identified allergenic ingredients which are often used in loose or non-prepacked foods which are sold or provided.

There are also things that retailers must consider to keep their food safe, just like when they cook food, they must chill them rapidly and store them safely at a certain degree which you will learn from the course. They should also check their local business licensing office and health department to get the complete list of rules and procedures for the type of food they plan to sell. Most of these rules will be discussed in this course and you must keep them in mind if you want to keep your business legal

The food safety produced and sold through food retail is a shared responsibility among stakeholders including the operators of food premises, regulator agencies and consumers, and the food workers.

By retailers, this would include:

  • full service restaurants
  • quick service restaurants
  • foodservice operations in institutions
  • including hospitals and schools
  • bakeshops, butchers and delicatessens
  • grocery and convenience stores
  • food commissaries
  • food outlets on common carriers, and
  • other food premises such as markets, food banks and vending operations.


Module List

No.Module NamePass %
1 Food Safety Legislation


2 Hazards from Delivery to Service


3 Risk Control (Prevention of Contamination)


4 Pests, Premises and People


Duration: 50
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