Food Handling and Hygiene Certificate

food safety training in UK

Food handlers in UK don’t need to hold food hygiene certificate to prepare or sell food, although

numerous food businesses will prefer that they do. The fundamental abilities might be acquired

through on-the-job training, self-study or applicable previous experience.

UK food hygiene certificates has no expiry date. It is the discretion of the food business operator

or environmental health officer to asses whether a refresher course is needed. This is a result of

changes to legislation or technological developments in food hygiene.

If you are responsible for developing and maintaining a business’s food safety management

procedures, you must have received adequate training to enable you to do this.

Safe food handling Training is important for any food business and anyone who involved or

supervises food handling operations. It can help to ensure you meet your legal obligations under

the Food Safety Standards and serve food that is free of hygiene hazards and safe for your

customers to consume.

The Food Handlers Certificate course is delivered by Urban E-Learning Pty Ltd. This course

may also be known as: Food Handlers Certificate; Food Safety Certificate; Workplace Hygiene

Certificate, or Food Hygiene Certificate. You should complete this course if you are in a high-

risk role in a food business (e.g. owner, chef, cook, kitchen hand, catering staff etc.)

This course is an interactive and engaging way to develop your skills and knowledge in food

safety and food hygiene. The course is explain by a learning partner to lead you through the

course. Once you are are done with the last module, you need to finish the final knowledge

assessment, short answer assessment, verbal assessment, Third Party Observation Assessment

and Student Feedback.

These assessment will show you with a number of realistic workplace scenarios and ask you to

answer questions and make decisions, using the knowledge you have gained throughout this

On completion of the course, you will receive a Nationally Recognised Statement of Attainment,

accepted in all food handling hospitality and retail industries. This Statement of Attainment will

give you a credit towards completion of 46 qualifications such as a Diploma of Hospitality, a

Certificate IV in Tourism and a Certificate II in Retail Fast Food. Refer to our FAQs for a full

list of the qualifications.


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