Will you risk your business without fire extinguisher in the UK?

fire extinguisher training in the UK

Running a business without fire extinguisher is like swimming in the ocean without a life jacket.

Anything can happen and your are putting your life at risk.

Here in UK, you are legally required to provide and maintain suitable fire alarms & fire

extinguishers on the premises if you run a business.

Portable fire extinguishers play an incredibly important role in maintaining the health and safety

of you and your employees, as well as providing protection for your building. In most cases,

small fires which break out at work can be easily treated and extinguished by a trained and

competent staff member with a portable fire extinguisher, without the need to call emergency

services. The importance of fire extinguishers for business can not be overlooked. Having

suitable extinguishers on your premises combined with providing fire safety training for your

staff can improve staff morale as well as helping you to avoid unforeseen costs in the future.

It is necessary to remember that not all fires are the same, and you must be aware of what fire

risks are present within your business, i.e. electrical, chemical, cooking oils etc. A range of

different fire extinguishers are available to target specific types of fires.

The different classes of fires are:

Class A: Fires involving flammable solid (generally organic) materials such as wood, furniture

Class B: Fires involving liquids or liquifiable solids, e.g. petrol, oil and paint

Class C: Fires involving flammable gases, e.g. hydrogen, butane, propane

Class D: Fires involving metals, e.g. sodium, magnesium and potassium

Class E: Fires involving electrical appliances

Class F: Fires involving cooking fats and oils

If you will risk your business without a fire extinguisher, you might lost everything that you

invested. You have to look for an experienced, qualified and accredited fire safety services

provider will be able to provide you with a risk assessment of your business in order to

determine what fire risks are present, and which types of fire extinguishers are most suitable. At

Aegis4training, we are fully qualified to advise you on fire safety for your business. We will

install and maintain all fire extinguishers, test regularly to ensure they meet required standards,

and provide you with advice on how to keep your fire extinguishers at their best condition. We

also install Fire Alarms and Emergency Lighting. This way you can rest assured in the

knowledge that your business is suitably ready to deal with fire risks, should they ever occur.

Don’t risk your business without a fire extinguisher because It is your responsibility as an

employer to ensure that all staff are familiar with your fire safety policy, as well as the location

of fire extinguishers and emergency exits and evacuation plans. Staff should receive training in

this at least once per year, and you should appoint at least one fire safety officer who will

oversee training, drills and emergency situations. Aegis4training are also pleased to provide Fire

Safety Training services for your business.

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