The importance of fire safety training

importance of firesafety trainingIf you own a commercial property, you are required by law to secure everyone who lives in from

the threat of fire as far as is possible. This inludes assessing the danger and specific hazards

present within your environment and then installing appropriate fire safety measures

accordingly, including equipment such as fire alarm systems, fire extinguishers and emergency

It’s important that you don’t end there. Instead, it is incredibly beneficial to conduct fire safety

training for your staff, or chosen designated employees, to make it sure that they have the

knowledge to respond safely and effectively in the event of a fire.


If a fire breaks out in your commercial property, the first priority is to get all the people out of the

building as quickly as possible. But, no matter how many times people have been informed of

the evacuation procedures of fire protection and combat, the sound of a fire alarm can cause

chaos and all sense of cognitive, reasonable action can be forgotten.


This is usually put down to the fact that an emergency situation elicits unknown feelings and

reactions that are stressful, intense and require an immediate response. However, specialized

in fire safety believe that training, knowledge and practical experience can cause behaviour to

be modified, preparing people for how to deal with a fire, and they suggest that this will lead to

the best chance of a safe and methodical evacuation being conducted.


Therefore, safety training courses have been developed to arm your employees, or selected

members of your team, with the necessary knowledge and technical ability should a fire ever

Most fire safety courses offer a mix of classroom-based learning and practical training

experience, educating attendees on how to respond in the event of an emergency, how to use

fire protection equipment, how different types of fire can start and the best ways to neutralize

The programme of instruction take trainee through the subject of fire on a step by step basis,

from initial basic knowledge on the ways fire develops, and what can accelerate it, to more

advanced modes of protection, including what type of fire equipment should be applied to

varying kinds of fire. They also include training on evacuation procedures and attendees will be

tutored on how to best gauge the safest exits, how to help vulnerable individuals out of the

building and how to best cope with the fear and panic associated with an emergency.

There are lots of fire safety training courses available – from Basic Fire Safety Awareness

Training to Fire Warden Training.


Basic Fire Safety Awareness training is developed to equip you with all the basic skills and

knowledge required in the event of a fire, such as what to do if you discover a fire, locating and

using extinguishers and evacuation routes, and the best way to deal with vulnerable individuals,

such as the elderly and disabled.


Fire Warden Training covers all the aspects of Basic Fire Safety Awareness, but additionally

deals with undertaking the role of Fire Warden within your environment. Therefore, they will

learn about the responsibilities and duties associated with the role and will receive practical

knowledge about undertaking efficient and orderly evacuations.

Depending on your environment, your purposes and what you aim to achieve from the fire

safety course, different courses will suit different companies.

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