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As a responsible leader you know the importance of safety and health. Now learn its value.

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As a senior administrative, your time is precious. That’s why we’ve designed our Leading safely course in conjunction with business leaders to cover only what you need, in as short a time as possible.

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Whatever the size of your company, the course will show you how investing in safety and health can reap valuable business benefits, including better productivity, increased profits, an enhanced reputation and a stronger brand.


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Leading safely is delivered by Aegis 4 Training network of approved trainers.

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Looking for Cheap, reputable occupational safety training in UK?

Our trainers are our biggest asset. Not only health and safety experts – they also know how to engage with delegates to get the very best results.

As the UK’s leading safety organisation, RoSPA’s wide range of occupational safety training courses reflects our passion, expertise and leadership in the area. In fact, last year alone RoSPA has trained more than 10,000 delegates – many returning again and again.

If you think you can’t afford Well Being training, you certainly can’t afford an accident – the financial benefits alone may far exceed the initial outlay for essential safety training, while the focus on employee safety and health demonstrates your dedication to staff welfare.

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