Aegis 4 training is Accredited and bespoke health and safety training courses

The best safety training in UK

Aegis 4 Training offer bespoke health and safety training courses or programmes where we tailor the course content to cover the specific needs of your organisation, ultimately relieving the inevitable boredom and “switching off” that would come with having to sit through training that a person knew they would not need.

Example Bespoke Training Courses

Below are a few of our health and safety training courses which we can tailor to your exact requirements:

  • CoSHH Training – Virtually every worker in every industry will face a risk from some sort of substance that is hazardous to health. Ranging from minor irritants to potential killers, workers need to know about them in order to work safely. CoSHH – the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health – covers areas such as the health risks posed by various substances, safe use and proper storage of the items. Even workers in what are perceived as low-risk workplaces such as offices will face some form of CoSHH risks (e.g. cleaning products, printer ink toner etc). Due to the wide variety of substances used in different places of work, general CoSHH training courses are nowhere near as effective as a bespoke course which focuses on the specific chemicals and substances that your employees use or have the potential to encounter whilst at work.


  • Manual Handling Training – The incorrect moving of loads is one of the most common reasons for workplace absence, due to injuries caused to areas such as the back. By undertaking manual handling training, workers will learn how to correctly perform tasks such as lifting and moving loads, which will reduce the chances of injury occurring. This course could quickly pay for itself if it leads to a significant reduction in the time your employees have off work as a result! Like CoSHH training, manual handling courses are much more effective when run as a bespoke health and safety training course which deals with the specific loads that your workers are moving, rather than just general theory.

·         Working at Height

This course is aimed at anyone who undertakes work at height, or who employs people who regularly work at height. It covers what constitutes work at height, the safety issues, and how to assess and reduce some of the risks.


RoSPA(The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents), the heart of mishap aversion in the UK, UK’s driving safety organization, RoSPA’s extensive variety of word related wellbeing instructional classes mirrors our enthusiasm, ability and authority in the region. They advance safety and the counteractive action of mishaps at work, at relaxation, out and about, in the home and through safety education.


Having this association accreditation guarantees that the quality that the preparation suppliers give is honest to goodness great whether it’d be online or not. The blend of being RoSPA affirmed would mean word related danger safety guidelines being maintained and would mean having the instructing and learning techniques being powerful for the general group.