How to Assess first Aid

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First aid demand for students with recognize health care needs should be.  Explained in the Student Health bear Plan or Anaphylaxis Management Plan. When an injury causes a nose bleed then an ice pack should not be used instead a cold compress may be used.

The following situation an icepack/cold compress should not be used and medical help should be sought (usually by calling an ambulance:

  • loss of consciousness, even if only momentarily
  • a less than circumspect conscious state
  • suspicion of a fracture
  • suspicion of a spinal disfigurement
  • damage to eyes or ears
  • penetration of the skin
  • deep open wounds.

Identify prospective causes of injury and illness :

  • check the environment for any potential hazards
  • review any incident, injury and ‘near miss’ data available
  • consider the nature of activities undertaken
  • consult with staff
  • obtain specialist or external advice, if required.


Staff who practice first aid should have their position descriptions updated to reflect this extra responsibility.  They must receive:

  • basic first aid training
  • and where required, additional first aid modules to cover:
    • the health needs of students attending the school, such as asthma management, administration of the EpiPen; or
    • excursions, specific educational programs or activities.

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