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In your work we can’t tell accident will happen in such situations. So you need a first aid Skill while you are working. A person who has been hurt or is immediately taken ill. First aid is the steps you can take before a person gets expert medical help. First aid can sometimes save a person’s life, but more often it is help given in an everyday tragedy or illness.

What kinds of things does first aid involve?

It comprise staying safe yourself and looking out for danger, helping someone feel better and stay calm. It also includes getting help – either by telling an adult or phoning 999.

Can first aid only be stated by adults?

No, children can learn how to give first aid – which is what this website is for!

Is first aid hard to learn?

No, first aid is easy to learn. All you have to do is follow straightforward steps for different situations.

What else do I need to know about first aid?

Good question. There are a figures of critical things to know about first aid:

It is important for everyone to help each other.

You are most likely to give first aid to your family or friends or yourself.

You can make a distinction!

An Owner of the Company will need to provide assessment  of their first-aid needs to establish what provision for first aid is needed. This will depend upon the workplace, taking into explanation, among other things, the number of employees, size, location and work activity.

The findings of your first-aid needs assessment may identify that trained first aiders are required. There are no hard and fast rules on exact numbers of trained  instructors first aiders you will require, and you will need to take into account all the relevant circumstances of your specific workplace.

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