UK Best Online Learning of Safety Courses

UK Best Online Learning of Safety Courses

Dangers are everywhere, no matter where you are and what you do; dangers are every nook and corner of where you are. Some of these dangers that harm your life you are aware of, while some you don’t even know they exist.

Fortunately laws have been made for us to follow which at least minimize the risks of everyday dangers that all around us. Not neglecting this matter is important, since some of these “dangers” could easily lead into a fatal situation for somebody with negligence.

Since this is not just exclusive to homes and accidents can also happen at work, it’s only natural that there legal obligations given towards the employers to make sure that they implement it at their workplace, particularly the need for Safety Training Courses. Luckily, online safety training courses applicable to workplace needs are now available online nowadays. And where do we look for these training courses?

Aegis4Training offers the best online safety trainings needed at workplace particularly in the UK. Aegis4Training makes sure that the online training that is offered is up to the standards of safety for every subject matter of workplace and home safety and also follows the law that is set up for them.

Here are the few of the online safety training courses that Aegis4Training that is commonly needed for workplaces and for some among homes:

  • Fire Safety Online Courses – learning about what causes fires, different types of fires, how to properly respond on them and how to use fire extinguishers
  • First Aid Online Courses – first aid training online
  • Manual Handling Courses – Manual handling is any activity that involves lifting, moving, pushing, pulling, carrying, restraining, or holding any object or equipment, may it be heavy or fragile. So this course offers basic awareness of it
  • Food Safety Courses – properly handling food for food industry businesses

Looking for the best is only natural especially if safety is that concern.

First aid training providers in UK

First aid training providers in UK

First-aid can indefinitely increase the chances of the victims of accidents survival. It has been proven to have worked and has been recommended by the professionals of the medical industry that it is helpful as a first act of medical response for those who are unfortunately caught in some sort of accident commonly like head injuries, concussion, skull and facial fractures, facial lacerations, neck and back injuries, trips/slips or falls, electrical incidents, manual handling/lifting, sprains and strains, and repetitive strain injury.

In fact there is a law in the UK that requires the employers to be responsible in making sure that the employees have some sort first-aid training; it applies to all kinds of workplaces. The law is the Health and Safety (First-Aid) Regulations 1981 which states that “An employer shall provide, or ensure that there are provided, such equipment and facilities as are adequate and appropriate in the circumstances for enabling first-aid to be rendered to his employees if they are injured or become ill at work.”. And the requirement for first aid training at work is not only limited to the UK. Many other countries like in the European Union or the United States have also some sort of regulation that involves in this matter.

There are tons of first aid training providers in the UK and luckily an online first aid training course is now possible for the convenience of the employers and employee alike. And one of the reliable first aid training providers would be Aegis4Training.

It is only natural that when it’s about matters that could mean life and death such as first aid responses that we would look for the best training provider that UK has to offer. And luckily Aegis4Training is there to provide the world-class first aid training that your workplace or homes needed.

Tips on Emergency First Aid at Work Course

Tips on Emergency First Aid at Work Course

Accidents happen, and they could happen anytime and anyplace, sometimes no matter how cautious you are accidents cannot be avoided. And while some can aren’t serious, some can easily be fatal and life-threatening if left ignored.

We rely on medical professionals to help us on this kind of situations but first-aid will be necessary to ensure the increased chances of the victim of the accidents. And even though it can sometimes be not that fatal, first-aid may be able to provide the necessary medical application that is all needed to remedy the injury or harm from the accident.

For workplaces it’s not only recommended but it’s also a legal obligation for employers according to Health and Safety (First-Aid) Regulations 1981, that employers should provide the necessary workplace emergency first aid training.

In choosing where to get a first aid training course, online first aid training courses are available. Now since there is no particular standard to follow ever since October 2013 where HSE no longer requires first aid training organizations of approval, then it is important to make sure that where you get your first aid training, they should be competent enough to provide it however you can check if the first aid training course providers has been following the set of guidelines, while not enforced by the law is still a good enough guideline to be an assessment to make sure the training course given is valuable for the employees who are about to embark it.

It is recommended to not only to give the employees a first-aid training course but also other necessary safety training course that may likely be needed in the workplace a common workplace safety that is likely necessary would be Basic Fire Safety Awareness Training.

First aid training course should not be neglected, a first aid application could mean a difference between life or death during situation where first aid cares need arises.

For more information about first aid training course, contact Aegis4Training.

Why Abrasive Wheels Training is Important?

Why Abrasive Wheels Training is Important

With different kinds of industry comes different kind of occupation for people. There are some occupations that are situated in work that does not endanger ones like office work. There’s also different kind of work that could be dangerous without proper training or feeling complacent like working on high place.

Occupations that involve the use of abrasive wheels are no exception to the requirement of training. Unlike common Display Screen Equipment(DSE) used for work or personal purposes who does not require training for somebody to be able to learn to use it, however Abrasive Wheels need a bit of training especially for safety purposes.

Abrasive wheels are generally characterized as any wheel, plate, barrel, or cone comprising of rough particles reinforced together with different substances. Abrasive wheels re usually used for cutting thus naturally presents danger on its own, since you aren’t cutting paper, you are cutting hard materials whenever you use abrasive wheels.

The training of abrasive wheels isn’t just about properly using it; there are laws that are upheld so that everybody in any industry who makes use of abrasive wheels gets training before being able to use it. In the UK in particular, Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998 (PUWER) place responsibilities on businesses whether it’d self-employed/company, who own, operate or have control over work equipment. PUWER also places obligation on businesses and organizations whose employees use work equipment, whether owned by them or not. The regulations for abrasive isn’t only limited to the UK other countries also have laws and regulation regarding its usage and training as well.

The training for Abrasive wheels isn’t only about fulfilling the obligations that we have for the law. This is also for the good of those who will be using the abrasive wheels for work-related matters.

For more information about Abrasive Wheel Training, contact aegis4training.

Abrasive Wheels Training Online Cheapest in the UK

Abrasive Wheels Training Online Cheapest in the UK

Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998 (PUWER) place responsibilities on businesses whether it’d self-employed/company, who own, operate or have control over work equipment. This obliges the businesses who have employees who will likely use these abrasive wheels for work or has to use them for work. An abrasive wheel is commonly defined as any wheel, disc, cylinder, or cone consisting of abrasive particles bonded together with various substances.

Looking for abrasive wheels training isn’t that difficult anymore, luckily it’s now offered online! One good source of Abrasive Wheel Training online would be Aegis4Training.

Aegis4Training Abrasive Wheel Training will introduce goal at the end of the course is to:

  • Introduce and Learn the Anatomy of Abrasive Wheels
  • Understanding the dangers of using Abrasive Wheels and How to handle them that ensures your safety at most
  • Learning what are the safe speeds of abrasive wheels and other factors you should consider when using the equipment
  • How to handle abrasive devices properly and how to stash them properly
  • Basic Maintenance and determining if the abrasive wheel is still in usable shape.
  • Training and Certification, Inspections.

Just like a lot of other work related danger, it matters that the employees receive the necessary training that they need for abrasive wheel usage. Outside that the law requires it and may cause serious penalties for your business and that’s not counting the possibility of a damaged reputation which is always not good for business but it also concern a serious threat for your employees.

The training might be inconvenient but it is completely understandable and necessary. Like the popular saying “it’s better safe than sorry”. And in the current times where online safety trainings are approved and available, the inconvenience that exists isn’t really that of a big deal.

If your business is in UK and you need work safety training online contact aegis4training,

Delivering High Quality Health & Safety Training Services

Delivering High Quality Health & Safety Training Services




































The workplace is a battleground for businesses but that’s not only the battles you face in the workplace. There are certain dangers that present themselves in the workplace however most of the threats are certainly preventable.

 Working safely is certainly important. It’s both moral and legal obligation by both employer and employee alike, ignorance to these matters may lead to disastrous circumstances. This is where health and safety training are for. Health and safety trainings are there to minimize the risks of the dangers found in the workplaces and in some cases at homes.

Having the most common health and safety hazards training is one thing but having high quality training is another thing. Luckily aegis4training provides high quality health and safety training that businesses need.

This is not just limited towards health & safety but many things as well. Whether it’d be about food or equipment used or even as simple as toys must be top quality. Even just doing any tasks for anything, doing it effectively is always better than just doing it. If there is room for improvement, then aims for it don’t settle for less.

To list some of the health and safety training services that requires high quality would be:

  • Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) Training – This training will discuss about the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health which will protect those who are exposed to health-hazard substances that could be at your workplace.
  • Asbestos Awareness – Asbestos products are found in many areas in the home and other structures. Like any heavily advantageous and profitable substances and elements, Asbestos also has its dark side.
  • Display Screen Equipment Awareness – This training will help you set up and use your display screen equipment safely and correctly, thus reducing the risks of working with this equipment.
  • Food Safety for Manufacturing – focuses on the importance of safety in manufacturing food which will provide food manufacturers with the knowledge on how can they assure their product’s safety.

They are some of the health and safety training that is required in specific workplaces. And fortunately all are offered by aegis4traning online!

For aegis4traning ensures that you get high quality standard training for all the health and safety training needs you have.


At UK Fire Training, We make it our business to ensure that your staff are fully trained

At UK Fire Training, We make it our business to ensure that your staff are fully trained












Fire incidents are a real threat and they could strike at times you do not expect them the most. Neglecting the threat may lead to harm to your employees and unwanted damage to business properties.

UK law Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 states that an employer is responsible for providing basic fire safety precautions in the workplace for the employees. Aegis4training offers the Fire Training necessary to comply the legal obligations that the employer needs to fulfill.

Fire safety awareness is designed to make sure that employees are informed of the basics of fire safety in workplaces. Luckily aegis4training offers the basic fire safety awareness as well as other more advance fire safety training such as:

  • Fire Extinguisher Training – There are different kinds of fire, and each kind requires different ways of extinguishing it. The course will provide knowledge on how to use these different types of fire extinguishers to different types of fire and the protocol to be used to tackle fire.
  • Fire Marshal Training – The course is aimed at anyone who aspires to be a Fire Marshal and provides the training to assist in emergency fire evacuation procedures as required by the legal obligations, which state there must be sufficient number of fire marshals to deal with fire emergencies.

Having your staff trained is a natural. For not only its abiding what the law required but it also a proof of concern towards the workplace employee’s safety. So rather than breaking the law and risking the dangers of a possible fire incident who can occur in times that we do not expect. Ensure that your staff is fully trained with the necessary fire safety trainings.

Remember aegis4training provides all your fire safety training needs. Cause aegis4training will ensure that your staffs are fully trained and equipped for fire safety matters!

Online Safety Training Pack

Online Safety Training Pack

Online training and e-learning is no longer unusual. In fact there are tons of different matters in which you could learn through the internet in different mediums used such as video tutorials, audio recordings are among one of the means to do it.

Online safety training is applicable, as long as the training provider is approved by the best organizations responsible for upholding the standard of the training. There are tons of different safety training packages, for different safety concerns and different target environment. And to list down a few of the more common but undoubtedly important safety training packages that can be provided online.

Common workplace safety concerns and issues training packages:

  • Asbestos awareness, this training package is about the dangers that asbestos materials present to people consider it is a very common material from different industries and even at home.
  • Control of substances hazardous to health training (COSHH), the training package about the common elements found in the workplace that can cause harm and how to find and deal with them.
  • Display screen equipment awareness, the usage of DSE devices nowadays is very common even for personal purposes and work purposes it is no exception, while it’s not life threatening it still presents danger for those who consistently uses it which is very common for work, so this training package will provide information and prevention of the unwanted effects of overusing DSE devices.
  • Working at height training, this training package

Common safety training packages of issues and concerns found at home as well as the workplace:

  • First aid training, while seeking medical attention from health care workers is crucial in saving lives, there are cases that first aid application is necessary for those who are in harm. And even in some cases first aid is enough without medical attention.
  • Basic fire safety awareness, whether it’d be workplaces or homes it doesn’t matter cause fire incidents can happen everywhere. That’s why it’s important to learn the what causes fires, how to extinguish different type of fires and what to do during fire incident and how to prevent future incidents of it.

Keep Your Staff Safe • CPD & ROSPA Accredited

Keep Your Staff Safe • CPD & ROSPA Accredited

Workplace hazards and safety concerns is a real thing. And there are tons of different kinds of dangers that are found in the workplaces, while most of them are preventable, they are certainly unavoidable. One of the common workplace dangers and hazards that could present harm and endanger the lives of your employees are: manual handling dangers, environmental and workplace hazards and some of them aren’t just exclusive to workplaces but also our homes such as fire incidents among the others that could occur anywhere.

Granted that workplace hazards and incidents cannot be neglected, neglecting would also mean risking the safety of those who work at the workplace and in a business perspective risking a possibility of damage to goods, equipment and other workplace items with not preparing for something that could possibly be prepared for.

The standards to workplace safety are upheld by organizations trusted by different industries. Being accredited by organizations named:

  • RoSPA(The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents), the heart of accident prevention in the UK, UK’s leading safety organization, RoSPA’s wide range of occupational safety training courses reflects our passion, expertise and leadership in the area. They promote safety and the prevention of accidents at work, at leisure, on the road, in the home and through safety education.
  • CPD (Continuing Professional Development) is applicable to so many people, from different backgrounds and professions. There are no fixed or standard approaches to Continuing Professional Development training and learning, but outcomes of CPD learning should always be clearly apparent and applicable. CPD combines different methodologies to learning, such as training workshops, conferences and events, e-learning programs, best practice techniques and ideas sharing, all focused for an individual to improve and have effective professional development.

Having these two organizations accreditation ensures that the quality that the training providers provide is legitimately good whether it’d be online or not. The combination of being RoSPA approved would mean occupational hazard safety standards being upheld and CPD approved would mean having the teaching and learning methods being effective for the general crowd.

Training Courses Develop your Knowledge and Understanding of Fire Safety

Fire Safety Regulations (The Regulatory Reform Order 2005) obliges employers as a legal responsibility to make sure their employees are given the basic fire safety awareness training among other important necessary preparations required to be able to ensure fire safety.

Fire safety shouldn’t be disregarded, fire incidents can lead into incalculable damages easily if underestimated, it could easily do significant damage and harm towards people who are within the vicinity of the incident.

Employers should understand the danger of fire incidents and the importance of fire safety; employees aren’t the only one who needs to understand them. The employers themselves as well must understand why it’s important to have this fire safety training not just because it’s obligated by the law.

Some of the things you need to understand about fire safety that should be covered by fire safety training are:

  • Learning about the legislation and legal requirement related to fire safety. Or what are the standards of fire safety you have to apply according to the law.
  • The causes of fire and different types of fire. To understand where the fire came from or what are its common catalysts.
  • Ways to put out fire and different types of fire extinguisher. Learn the proper ways on how to deal with fires from different kinds of sources.
  • Learn how to make the workplace environment less prone from fire as possible. Or fire-prevention.

Also some of the more advanced fire safety training should cover such as:

  • Planning and organizing for means of escape during fire incidents for the workplace.
  • Staff fire safety training
  • Risk assessment

Like in many things without knowledge and understanding it’s difficult to weigh the risks that you are about to partake. That’s why fire safety awareness is crucial for workplaces. As understanding something that you may think is so simple will help a lot. After all it’s much better to prevent bad things from happening that to handle it bad things from happening.