At UK Fire Training, We make it our business to ensure that your staff are fully trained

At UK Fire Training, We make it our business to ensure that your staff are fully trained












Fire incidents are a real threat and they could strike at times you do not expect them the most. Neglecting the threat may lead to harm to your employees and unwanted damage to business properties.

UK law Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 states that an employer is responsible for providing basic fire safety precautions in the workplace for the employees. Aegis4training offers the Fire Training necessary to comply the legal obligations that the employer needs to fulfill.

Fire safety awareness is designed to make sure that employees are informed of the basics of fire safety in workplaces. Luckily aegis4training offers the basic fire safety awareness as well as other more advance fire safety training such as:

  • Fire Extinguisher Training – There are different kinds of fire, and each kind requires different ways of extinguishing it. The course will provide knowledge on how to use these different types of fire extinguishers to different types of fire and the protocol to be used to tackle fire.
  • Fire Marshal Training – The course is aimed at anyone who aspires to be a Fire Marshal and provides the training to assist in emergency fire evacuation procedures as required by the legal obligations, which state there must be sufficient number of fire marshals to deal with fire emergencies.

Having your staff trained is a natural. For not only its abiding what the law required but it also a proof of concern towards the workplace employee’s safety. So rather than breaking the law and risking the dangers of a possible fire incident who can occur in times that we do not expect. Ensure that your staff is fully trained with the necessary fire safety trainings.

Remember aegis4training provides all your fire safety training needs. Cause aegis4training will ensure that your staffs are fully trained and equipped for fire safety matters!