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First Aid Training

It is a good idea to take a first aid course

so that you can recognize an emergency and give basic first aid. Learning basic first aid can help you cope with an emergency. You may be able to keep a person breathing, reduce their pain or minimize the consequences of injury or sudden illness until an medical assistance arrives.


Reasons Why You Should Take A First Aid Training Course for your own knowledge.


Here are some of the reasons why you should take a first aid training course.

  • When you have kids, you will want to protect them and take of them when they get hurt, and let’s face it they will get hurt at some point. Kids love to play and often the more dangerous the game is the more appealing it is to them but sometimes this can lead to serious injuries that need instant attention. If it is a head or neck injury then you will have to act before the ambulance arrives and that’s when it is vital to know what you are doing as the wrong actions can make the situation even worse .


  • When you have elderly living with you then it is smart to have some first aid skills as elderly people are very susceptible to many dangers. These dangers could be natural such as a heart attack or stroke or they could be accidents such as falling down stairs, slipping in the shower etc. Being able to give them speedy medical attention can make a world of difference and can save a life.


  • When you are into a sports. Maybe you are a coach or a spectator. Whatever your role is you can play an important part by learning first aid. We all know the risk surrounding sports, especially contact sports like rugby

    and football which can cause serious injuries. If you have the basic first aid then you could be of help, make  a vital role in assisting someone who is injured especially if the game is in a remote location and hard for an ambulance or doctor to get to it quickly.


  • Being a first aider in your workplace has many benefits. There are advantage to being able to help any of your colleagues who get injured or ill during work and there are personal benefits as well. Having a first aid role in your workplace will be impressive on your resume, it will impress your seniors and make your position within the company more stable and your employees will pay for your course which means that you will get your qualification for free.


  • So far we have looked at how first aid training can help you to help others but importantly it will also give you the tools to look after yourself. If for example you are out for a walk or camping by yourself and you suffer an injury or turn for the worse then you will know what to do and while you may still need help you will be able to tend to wounds or diagnose problems well enough to keep you out of danger until that help arrives. Having first aid knowledge really can be the difference between life and death and the benefits of learning it are limitless.

The best way to actually learn first aid is to do a first aid course. It’s useful to know where to start when you are charged when delivering first aid, and even before that there are a few things to consider. You need to make sure you stay calm, in control and don’t panic, or else you won’t be able to help and could end up in need of help yourself.

Once you’ve got yourself sorted, assess whether the casualty is in a safe environment, or whether they are causing a blockage for anyone else. If they’re in a safe and secure place, great, if not, and if possible with regards to the severity of the injury, move them.

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CPR training Certification


In a matter of your precious Time, you can learn cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), a life-saving technique that is uncomplicated and easy to learn.

When combine with an automated external defibrillator (AED), CPR dramatically Enlarge the chances of survival from heart attacks.

Knowing CPR means you have learned a vital link in the Chain of Survival for fatality of suffocate in water, choking, or sudden cardiac arrest until full care can be provided in a hospital.

CPR first aid training eLearning is suitable, Why?

Students can complete online courses anytime and anywhere with internet access.

A cost-efficient and time-saving alternative to 100% classroom training.

Instructors and Training Centers are able to focus on quality hands-on time for teaching censorious psycho motor skills.

Caregivers spend less time away from patients, while employers and staff maintain on-the-job productivity.

So basically they will learn how to manage Adults Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Re certification focuses on performing cardiopulmonary resuscitation on adults. It will incorporate additional skills such as risk assessment, proper ventilation ability, and clearing a obstruct airway.

There is a develop trend as more and more states are identify that CPR is not only an extremely costly and precious skill, but should also be made mandatory for students to learn before they can graduate from high school.

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First Aid Training

CPR Training in UK

First aid training

If CPR is needed, using the correct technique will give someone the best chance of survival. CPR is most successful when started as quickly as possible, but you must first determine if it’s necessary. It should only be performed when a person isn’t breathing or circulating blood adequately.

Without oxygen being progress from the lungs to the blood stream and then pumped around the body by the heart a person will die. When a person be in pain cardiac arrest their heart stops beating, they lose consciousness, they stop breathing, and blood will not circulate. Unless they garner prompt first aid attention until medical or ambulance help arrives they will suffer irreparable brain damage and die within minutes.

Our online eLearning Training has all the technique for performing cardiopulmonary resuscitation on adults, in accordance with the current resuscitation guidelines. The program covers:

•Basic Life Undergird (BLS) procedure
•How to conduct CPR on an adult casualty
•How to deliver Rescue Breaths
•How to deliver chest compressions
•How to use a Automated External Defibrillator (AED)
•CPR with two rescuers
•Rescuer health and Sanitation

The program is suitable for use in any workplace and has been designed specifically as a refresher course and training aid for people who have already been or are being trained in CPR.

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CPR Training in UK

First Aid Training

Emergency first aid training

firs aid training  E learning

This course is ideal for low hazard environments (e.g. offices, shops, libraries) or where your needs assessment identifies a requirement for a first aide trained in emergency first aid at work.

If your needs assessment identifies additional danger  or risks or staff with a medical condition such as asthma, diabetes or a heart condition we recommend the first aid at work course as this covers a broader syllabus including the recognition and treatment of a wider range of conditions.


The Aegis 4 Training provide a wide range of quality, cost effective, short courses to local jurisdiction, housing associations, businesses, community voluntary organisations and private sector organisations. Aegis 4 Training pride ourselves on being able to provide a professional and reactive response to training requests, as well as being capable of assisting with the implementation of organisation wide Training Plan.


If an accident happens in the Office or in any part of the working area, you cannot be a helpless witness, since simply standing by can potentially worsen the situation. This is why it’s important to have at least a basic knowledge of first aid.

At its most basic, first aid is the initial reinforcement given to a victim of injury or illness. Incorporate of relatively simple techniques that can be performed with rudimentary equipment, first aid is usually carried out by a layperson until professional medical assistance arrives.


While everyone can take advantage from first aid training, it may be a more necessary pre requisite for certain people. People who teach and watch over children ideally should be able to perform first aid.  Day care center personnel and nannies should be able to assist children immediately in case of emergencies. Lifeguards should also be accredit  in first aid procedures by its own employers.

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Emergency first aid training

First Aid Training