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fire training Archives - Aegis 4 Training

What is Fire Marshal?

A fire marshal, in the UK, is often a member of a fire department but may be part of a structure department or a

Fire Marshalseparate department altogether. Fire marshals‘ duties vary but usually include fire code enforcement and/or investigating fires for origin and cause. The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 states that you must have a sufficient number of competent people to perform evacuation duties.  All staff recognize in your emergency plan that have a supervisory role if there is a fire (i.e. heads of department, fire marshals or wardens) should be given details of your fire risk assessment and receive more comprehensive training.

This e learning course gives representative all round knowledge of how to prevent a fire from occurrence, a clear understanding of their responsibilities, duties and role as a Fire Marshal and what to do in the event of a fire. As well as covering hypothetical and practical intimation which will enable delegates to undertake an efficient and orderly evacuation of their building in an emergency situation.

How many Fire Marshals should we have?

The number of Fire Marshals required will be identified by your Fire Risk Assessment.  For example,  high risk sites such as residential care homes will need a greater number of wardens than a low risk office.  You need to ensure you have enough Fire Marshal to cover you business in the event of a fire.  If you work in a small office with 1 floor, you may only need 2 but if you are on a large site with several floors / buildings operating 24 hours a day, you will need to ensure you have cover for each floor and building for all shifts, accounting for lunch breaks, sickness and holiday cover.


Why Fire Training?
Understanding parliamentary requirements for fire training in the UK.

What is fire?
Look at and understand the affinity of fire.


Duties of a Marshal
Look at the responsibilities, obligation and role as a Fire marshal including:

  • How to spot fire risk and implement preventative measures
  • How to lift the fire alarm
  • What actions to take on uncover a fire
  • What actions to take on hearing the fire alarm
  • Calling the Fire & retrieve Service
  • How to deal with incapacitated persons and evacuation procedures


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When fire is happening every second counts. In less than 35 seconds a small blaze can get entirely out of control and turn into a major fire

Have a Plan

Every home and family should have a fire evacuation plan. Coincidental home fires by their very nature can catch people unawares. Without an escape plan you are placing the lives of everybody in your home in jeopardy.

Plan your movements before a fire occur!

Draw your escape plan now!


  • Target and practice your plan.
  • If your home grabs fire: STAY LOW, GET OUT and STAY OUT!
  • If your clothing catch fire: STOP, DROP, COVER and ROLL until the flames are extinguished.

Fire Fighting

Any strive to fight the fire must always be subsidiary to life safety. Circumstances will clearly dictate whether fire fighting should be attempted. Any attempt to fight the fire must be based upon the type and degree of training received in the use of fire fighting apparatus available on the premises.

Regular fire drills will ensure that the evacuation procedure fulfills its aim satisfactorily and will highlight any area which may need to be reviewed.

The target of expel all buildings is to attempt to carry out a roll call. Operating procedures within some schools (mainly median and high schools) may make it approximately impossible to say with any grade of certainty that “all persons are considered for.” In these cases, management may decide to operate a ‘floor warden’ scheme. This delegates function to members of staff to quickly search each floor (all rooms, including toilets) and to report to the a appointed  person that their floor is clear. Where this procedure is in operation it is not necessary to evacuate all buildings.