Fire Extinguisher Inspection

It is recommended that employees or someone from the establishment at least knows how to use fire extinguishers but that alone is not enough.

Just like in many other matters it is just not enough that the persons work is the only one with top quality but the materials/equipments used should be in top shape as well. Especially for preparing for emergency situations where lives may be at stake, we must ensure that everything is up to standard and Fire Extinguishers are no exception.

The owner or occupant of the property where the fire extinguishers are located, are responsible for arranging your fire extinguishers’ maintenance.

Fire extinguishers must be checked every 30 days. You can certainly do some quick checks yourself by asking the following questions.


Another thing to note about is that it’s also important that you must also be up to date of the regulations and standards of fire extinguishers for better and safer results.

Maintenance is also important to make sure that the Fire Extinguisher are usable during the time of crisis. Of course training is also another thing that one should consider. And even if you or whoever is responsible has already have done doing the training before. It’s important that you refresh your mind with retraining every now and then. Just to make sure you don’t become rusty when the dangerous scenario strikes just like in every other matter being rusty or forgetting how do it may mean failure and failure in the matters of fire incidents could also mean harm or worse death.

If you are going to do something, you might as well put your heart into doing it, especially for serious precautionary matters like this that could mean life and death.