Train fire marshals to deal with fire emergencies effectively

fire marshal safety trainingThe worst nightmare of every business owners is a fire emergency. It will be a risk of equipment and property being damaged, but most of all, your employee are put at risk too. Investing in staff training in

fire safety can save lives and may even save property.

Here are some of the reasons why your business will benefit from arranging fire marshal training for your


A trained fire marshal will know how to manage with fire calmly. They will be teaching staff evacuation

procedures and will therefore be able to make it sure that everybody leaves the workplace safely.

Employees who have undergone training as part of a fire marshal course will have the confidence to deal

an emergency situation calmly, promptly and effectively.



One of the fire marshal training will include the safe and effective use of fire extinguishers in the event of

a fire. This will allow fire marshals to secure a safe way of evacuation for staff members. In some cases,

this might aid the containment of a fire until the arrival of the emergency services, limiting the damage to

property and further ensuring the safety of staff.

A fire marshal training course will provide staff an in knowledge of the common causes of most fires and

will also include training in fire safety and prevention. When a staff member gains understanding of how

fires start, how the chemistry of a fire works and the best measures with which to prevent a fire starting in

the first place, they are better placed to protect your business and other staff.



Fire marshal training will also prepare staff in the latest fire safety legislation. This will permit your

business to keep up-to-date with your legal obligations with regard to fire safety. A trained fire marshal

can advise you about the necessary fire safety equipment your business must have in place.

By teaching other employees with regular fire drills and evacuation practices, your fire marshal can make

sure that everybody is well versed in the essential procedures during a fire. A safely organised, calm and

speedy evacuation becomes more possible when staff know how to behave, which exits and stairways to

use and where to assemble outside the building. In addition, any disabled staff members will benefit from

the reassurance that their evacuation is well planned in the event of an emergency.



Even the best in the world, it is exceptionally difficult for everyone to stay completely calm when there is

a genuine fire emergency. Staff will be anxious and afraid and many may become panicked. A trained fire

marshal will have gained the knowledge of how best to deal with panic. A fire marshal course will

contain knowledge about how people may react in a fire situation and how best to deal with that

behaviour to ensure everyone’s safety.