Health and Safety at Work is very important

Safety Training in the UK
Health and Safety at Work Training

We have been providing training solutions to UK and Europe’s biggest companies and organisations, and

are established as one of the UK’s leading health and safety training providers..

We also design and deliver unique health and safety training packages for organisations or individuals,

including health and safety instructor courses, and training on specific topics such as COSHH, permit to

work training, sharps training and environmental health and safety.

Our experienced health and safety consultants are available to help businesses meet their legal obligations

in the various areas of health and safety. We provide a range of services including inspections, audits and

professional health and safety advice.

Employee Safety in the Workplace

In today’s rigid business world, the health and safety of your employees should take priority over all else.

Don’t let workplace accidents bring your establishment to its knees. Most small businesses will never

recover after a major catastrophe. Take control of your investments by hiring a team of professionals with

over thirty years of quality service experience, and a track record for success. Aegis4training has had the

opportunity to work directly with some of Europe’s largest business establishments, and are proud to be

one of the top health and safety training providers and risk management teams in the UK.

We here at Aegis4training, are proud to offer top rated courses at affordable prices. Our direct approach

to training is always catered directly to your unique industry, and will provide your employees with the

information they need to prevent workplace incidents. If time constraints are an issue, Aegis4training

offers online health and safety courses which allow your team to complete training at their own individual

pace. With multiple accreditations from Europe’s top health and safety organisations, you can be sure that

your employees are receiving cutting edge courses, which will help them create a safe working


Businesses around the world lose billions every year to accidents that occur in the workplace. Fires,

injuries, and other potential hazards can plague your company at any time, without notice. While you may

never be able to guarantee that cataclysmic events will not take place, you can have the peace of mind

knowing that your workforce has been trained to handle almost any situation, not to mention actually

preventing it from happening in the first place. Plus, many major insurance firms give premium discounts

to establishments that have undergone health and safety training courses.

Most workplace accidents are 100% preventable, and happened solely because the individual was

unprepared for the situation at hand. Injuries and deaths are preventable, but it must be you that takes the

first step to prepare your team for the worst. On average, more than 150 people die annually from

workplace related accidents. According to the Health and Safety Executive, over 1.2 million people

suffered injuries while on the job in 2014. Incidents such as this will cost employers more than fourteen

billion pounds this year in the UK alone. The statistics can be quite staggering when seen for the first