First aid for teachers course is for teachers and staff who work in a school Environment

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In schools, administration are responsible for the pupils, visitors and all staff, including the head teachers, teachers and non-teaching staff.

Depending on the type of school, who the employer is will be different:

  • For independent schools, the employer is the owner of the trustees.
  • For city technology colleges, voluntary-aided and non-maintained special schools the governing body is the employer. This is also the case for grant-maintained and grant-maintained special schools.
  • For controlled, county and special arrangement schools the Local Education Authority (LEA) is the employer. This also includes pupil referral units.

Under the Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974 (HSWA), the employer is responsible for ensuring a health and safety policy is put in place at schools, including the arrangements both on and off site, the number of first aiders and the location of first aid boxes.

Minimum provision of first aid for schools? 

  • Stocked first aid box.
  • Officer-in- charge of first-aid arrangements.
  • Information officer for employees.

The minimum provisions for schools, a risk assessment must be completed. This should determine any additional provision.

How many school staff should be first aid trained? A thorough assessment will determine the number required. The school should ensure that the training is delivered in line with the needs of the school environment and fully allows for staff absence and full coverage of the school site.

Basically, only one first aider is needed where there are fewer than 50 employees. Though one is needed for every 100 employees if you have over 50 employees.

Does the training provider needs the apporoval of the local authority? -No, it is down to the “employer” to make the necessary checks on the training provider they choose to work with.

Training providers need to prove that they are competent to deliver the training. Demonstration of competence includes current registration as a nurse, paramedic or doctor, and knowledge from a training qualification (such as FAW or EFAW).

Do schools need first aid training for babies? As long as schools have children of an age that fall under the EYFS guidance at least one person with a Paediatric Course certificate is required to be on the premises or available at all times where children are present.

This should be backed up with a full needs risk assessment. For contingency, it may be that several staff are best to undertake this level of training.

How long are certificates valid for? First aid certificates are only valid for three years. It is therefore the employer’s responsibility to ensure that all relevant personnel are up to date with their training via refresher courses.

Why choose Aid Training & Operations? Our office team fully understand the training needs of those working in the education sector and run all of our course titles in line with the guidance from the Department of Education (DFE) and Ofsted.

Whether delivering on a Local Authority contract or dealing directly with a school or nursery, our Instructors aim to deliver learning in a down to earth fashion to encourage confidence in all those we train.