Emergency first aid training

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This course is ideal for low hazard environments (e.g. offices, shops, libraries) or where your needs assessment identifies a requirement for a first aide trained in emergency first aid at work.

If your needs assessment identifies additional danger  or risks or staff with a medical condition such as asthma, diabetes or a heart condition we recommend the first aid at work course as this covers a broader syllabus including the recognition and treatment of a wider range of conditions.


The Aegis 4 Training provide a wide range of quality, cost effective, short courses to local jurisdiction, housing associations, businesses, community voluntary organisations and private sector organisations. Aegis 4 Training pride ourselves on being able to provide a professional and reactive response to training requests, as well as being capable of assisting with the implementation of organisation wide Training Plan.


If an accident happens in the Office or in any part of the working area, you cannot be a helpless witness, since simply standing by can potentially worsen the situation. This is why it’s important to have at least a basic knowledge of first aid.

At its most basic, first aid is the initial reinforcement given to a victim of injury or illness. Incorporate of relatively simple techniques that can be performed with rudimentary equipment, first aid is usually carried out by a layperson until professional medical assistance arrives.


While everyone can take advantage from first aid training, it may be a more necessary pre requisite for certain people. People who teach and watch over children ideally should be able to perform first aid.  Day care center personnel and nannies should be able to assist children immediately in case of emergencies. Lifeguards should also be accredit  in first aid procedures by its own employers.

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Emergency first aid training

First Aid Training