Aegis 4 training has the cheapest asbestos awareness training in UK

asbestos awareness training in UK

A major benefit of our online Asbestos Awareness Training Course is that there is no need

to take time off work to attend classroom based courses, you can complete the Asbestos

Awareness training course at home, or in your office at a time of your choice, and once you

have started your asbestos awareness training course, you can stop and come back to the

asbestos awareness training at any time,  meaning that you can complete your online asbestos

awareness training course around your work etc. and has the cheapest asbestos awareness

training in UK

Our online Aegis4 training Asbestos Awareness Training course is a must for anyone working in

the Building; Maintenance and Construction Industries, and as well as providing full asbestos

awareness training, the training course is also suitable for fulfilling the the training course

requirements for annual Asbestos Awareness Refresher Training Course as recommended

by the HSE.

Online training courses, or ELearning courses as they are often referred to, are now fully

recognised by the HSE and provide an affordable and flexible approach to complying with your

Asbestos Awareness Training Course requirements. The Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012

requires anyone who may come into contact with asbestos during the course of their work to

have been provided with accredited Asbestos Awareness training – this is a legal requirement

which can be complied with using our online asbestos awareness training course!

Our online Asbestos Awareness training Course is a fully Aegis4training Certified Asbestos

Awareness training course and complies with the full legal requirements of the HSE’s Control of

Asbestos Regulations 2012 and the associated HSE  Approved Code of Practice or ACOP

(L143) which details the requirements for Asbestos Awareness Training Courses.

Our online Aegis4training Asbestos Awareness Training course has been written and developed

by a leading Aegis4training Asbestos Awareness Training Provider and includes a

full professional voice over by a recognised local Radio personality to help communicate the

content of the online Asbestos Awareness Training

Upon completion of your Online Asbestos Awareness Training Course you can download your

Aegis4training Certified Asbestos Awareness Training Certificate.  Your Asbestos Awareness

Training  Course Certificate will be downloaded as a PDF document meaning that it can be

saved to your computer; printed off and/or emailed to your clients or other persons needing

evidence that you have completed an Accredited Online Asbestos Awareness Training Course.