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What are the Health and Safety (Display Screen Equipment) Regulations 1992 ?

What are the Display Screen Equipment Regulations of 1992 ?

Rules, laws and regulation have always existed even way before this modern era. They exist for people to avoid abuses and harm that may befall upon them different matters.

For Display Screen Equipment, no matter how useful and how much help it provides to mankind in different fields, they also have rules and regulations.  And Health and Safety Regulation of 1992 was made to address the usage of DSE.

The Health and Safety (Display Screen Equipment) Regulations 1992 aim to protect the health of people who work with DSE.

These safety regulations gives the employers and the employees themselves responsibilities for those who work and has regular use of DSE. The law obliged that :

  • Analyse workstations, and assess and reduce risks

Employers need to look at:

  • the whole workstation including equipment, furniture and the work environment
  • the job being done
  • any special needs of individual staff.

Employees and safety representatives should be encouraged to take part in risk assessments, for example, by reporting health problems. Where risks are identified, the employer must take steps to reduce them.

These requirements are good features that should normally be found in a workstation, such as adjustable chairs and suitable lighting. They are set out in a schedule to the Regulations, covering the equipment, the working environment and the interface (for example, software) between the computer and the user or operator. The main requirements include:

  • adequate lighting
  • adequate contrast, no glare or distracting reflections
  • distracting noise minimised
  • leg room and clearances to allow postural changes
  • window covering if needed to minimise glare
  • software – appropriate to the task, adapted to the user, providing feedback on the system status, no undisclosed monitoring
  • screen – stable image, adjustable, readable, glare/reflection free
  • keyboard – usable, adjustable, detachable, legible
  • work surface – with space for flexible arrangement of equipment and documents, glare-free chair – stable and adjustable
  • footrest if user needs one.

Other things like giving the employees training and information dissemination regarding VDU health and safety which assures them that they will be knowledgeable with DSE health and safety.


Laws Of Health

Even back during the earliest civilizations of mankind, laws has always been an important part of humanity. There are many laws in everything whether it’d be about enforcing order among men, or diplomatic laws between countries , or matters like mathematics, physics and even engineering about anything has laws and regulations. Health is no exception to this rule.

There are many variations and different kinds of laws and regulation set for healthcare. The health laws have evolved overtime related to as much as humanity advanced in the field of medicine and how human rights has been changing for the better as time goes on.

There are a lot of ethical issues that surface when it comes to discussing healthcare and it was not until recently for example like in 1970’s where homosexuality was no longer considered as mental illnesses. However there are still ethical issues like abortion and euthanasia who are still universally unsolved and are still under debate though for some countries those medicinal methods may not be considered as legitimate.

Health laws also ensure matters like making sure that the personnel of health care industries are well-trained, equipped and knowledgeable for their job or in simpler terms “setting of standards”. Standards and regulations for health care workers, health care environment and manufacturer of supplies and equipments used in healthcare makes sure that it is only the best and less error as much as possible.

Without a doubt Laws about Health are vital for humanity , for it’s purpose is not only to reduce the risks of abuse for those who work at the health care industry but also to make certain that the benefactors of the health care industry which is everybody who lives and breathes will be given the proper healthcare that not only everybody deserves, also for the interest of the further advancement of healthcare, medicine and science.