Display Screen Equipment Awareness Training program

Display Screen Equipment Awareness
The Display Screen Equipment Regulations require all workstations are assessed, to identify risks and offer solutions to minimize the possibility of injury and/or ill health to users of Display Screen Equipment
The course is specifically designed to permit a number of courses to be conducted on the same day, offering a very cost effective solution for employers requiring large numbers of staff to be trained.
Designed for
All staff designated users Display Screen Equipment.
On completion of the course delegates will recognize the hazards and risks associated with the use of Display Screen Equipment, know how to set up a workstation and the importance of correct posture to reduce those risks. In addition, delegates will understand the importance of work patterns in the reduction of risk.
What are the risks?
Stress and fatigue
Company policy
Equipment/software selection
Duty to assess
Setting up the Workstation
General environment
Screen adjustment
Eyesight Testing
Duty of the employer
Duty of employee
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The principles and parameters of a good assessment Safeguarding Children in UK

Safeguarding Children UK Aegis4training
The principles and parameters of a good assessment Safeguarding Children in UK
Research has shown that taking a systematic approach to enquiries using a conceptual model is the best way to deliver a comprehensive assessment for all children.
High quality assessments:
• are child centred. Where there is a conflict of interest, decisions should be made in the child’s best interests;
• are rooted in child development and informed by evidence; • are focused on action and outcomes for children;
• are holistic in approach, addressing the child’s needs within their family and wider community;
• ensure equality of opportunity;
• involve children and families;
• build on strengths as well as identifying difficulties;
• are integrated in approach;
• are a continuing process not an event;
• lead to action, including the provision of services;
• review services provided on an ongoing basis; and
• are transparent and open to challenge.

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