Why do you need Certification for UK Safety Training?

Uk safety training

Employee with his recently – gained certificates of competence will not usually be able to equal

the productivity of a more experienced operator but with support and supervision from his

colleagues he will pick things up every day. Be aware, though, that everyone brings something to

the process: He might be slow but he might also have learnt a few techniques that make life

easier – and safer. Equally, the more experienced, senior colleague may be quick but may also

have picked up a few bad habits along the way. This type of give-and-take has been going on in

the workplace for ever and is just as valuable now as it has ever been.

What we don’t have in our current structure of training and employment in tree work is any way

to acknowledge these gains and achievements that are happening to individuals every day.

Planning is critical for success. Priorities should be detailed and the skills gap identified.

Development objectives should be specifically set and the identification of competency levels is

key. Support in forestry is available, and this should be assessed, whilst the cost & time

implications must be factored in, also. The benefit of added value to your business and staff must

be set against a realistic time frame. We are all individuals and therefore different. Each person

possesses a different preferred learning style. These range from innovative and analytical to

common sense and dynamic. Within CPD also, a period of reflection is important in knowing, if

you, the individual forester have achieved your objectives.

CPD could also be used in forming a nationally recognised, auditable and credible structure to

acknowledge individual operators training, certification and career progression, a register of Tree

Work Operatives. This scheme would have a large advantage if it could be made to happen, but

cost would be the main barrier to progress. In relation to career progression under a national

scheme, chain saw and forest machine operators could take their transferable skills (if the need

arises) into other industry sectors such as construction, without the need for duplication of

training, assessment or certification.

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Safety training is a must on all Businesses establishment on UK


What the laLaw UKw says

The Health and Safety at Work and so on. Act (HSWA) 1974 (Section 2) requires each business to give whatever data, guideline, preparing and supervision is important to guarantee, “so far as is sensibly practicable”, the health and safety at work of their representatives and others influenced by their exercises. This is opened up by the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations (MHSWR) 1999 , which likewise recognizes circumstances where health and safety preparing is especially vital, e.g. at the point when individuals begin work, on introduction to new or expanded dangers and where existing abilities might have gotten to be corroded or require upgrading.


The Safety Representatives and Safety Committees Regulations 1977 and the Health and Safety (Consultation with Employees) Regulations 1996 oblige you to counsel your workers, or their agents, on health and safety issues and this incorporates matters, for example, health and safety training. Also, agents selected under both of these arrangements of regulations are qualified for time off with pay for preparing in their obligations. The Health and Safety (Training for Employment) Regulations 1990 guarantee that learners doing work experience are secured by health and safety law.


Training must be paid for by the business and sorted out in working time.


The beginning stage is danger appraisal to distinguish perils and the measures expected to control dangers to health and safety. While suitable physical protections and techniques will for the most part be important, preparing and the procurement of data are likewise part of the blend with the goal that individuals comprehend risks and know their part in handling them.


You might need to give some health and safety preparing, including affectation preparing, occasional tool stash talks and briefings, yourself, yet unless you are capable to convey it in-house, you will require outside help. The law obliges you to have admittance to a suitable wellspring of skilled counsel to offer you some assistance with managing health and safety and this incorporates giving you exhortation on your health and safety training necessities and choices for meeting them.


The MHSWR oblige you to consider the capacities, training, information and experience of laborers and guarantee that the requests of their work don’t surpass their capacity to do their part without danger to themselves as well as other people. A few representatives might have specific preparing needs, for instance: newcomers need essential instigation training into how to function securely, including plans for emergency treatment, flame and clearing. Individuals changing occupations or tackling additional obligations need to think about any new health and safety suggestions. Youthful representatives are especially helpless against mischances and you have to give careful consideration to their requirements, so their preparation ought to be a need. It is additionally essential that new, unpracticed or youthful representatives are enough administered. Abilities need upgrading occasionally by refresher training. Discoveries from surveys of danger evaluations ought to be utilized to recognize and record any further particular preparing needs.