Food Safety Courses are a legal requirement for all Retailers

Food retail training in the UK

Food Safety Courses are a legal requirement for all Retailers and Retail Outlets in the United Kingdom and Europe, and must be taken by all involved staff. It is the responsibility of all businesses, that includes the business owner and the administering team, to make sure that all staff are trained to the level required for the job role they hold.

The Level 1 Food Safety Course for Retail is designed to enhance the Food Safety knowledge and skills of all staff working in the Food Retailing Industry.

The course covers the basic principles of Food Safety within the Food Retailing Industry and how to apply the knowledge, once gained, thereby, helping to prevent food poisoning, reduce food complaints and fulfill your legal and moral obligations under UK and European Law.

A Level 1 Food Safety Certificate in Retail should be taken by an individual where the following can describe the persons role:

Examples of those that work within the Retail Sector who should have a Level 1 Food Safety Certificate are as follows:-

  • Those who are working in a supermarket or smaller retail setting.
  • Those who only serve hot or cold drinks
  • Utility staff and cleaners working in the retail industry
  • Those who are handling low risk foods without preparation.

The Local authorities food safety team is in charge for the inspection of food retailers and providers in the locality. They ensure that the food hygiene and quality being ready available in premises meets legal requirements. It is also responsible for ensuring food is correctly labeled and compositional standards are met.

All premises registered with the council are inspected on a priority basis according to risk. New premises should register with the council so that an initial visit can be carried out and advice given. They also deal with any health and safety issues in food premises.

Food safety legislation places an obligation on food business operators to ensure that all their activities are carried out in a hygienic way. It makes it an offence to supply food which is unsafe or harmful to human health.

Food safety training in the UK and in Europe is a legal requirement, therefore, having completed this Level 1 Food Safety Course for the Food Retail Industry and obtaining your Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) course content approved certificate, show and as evidence to employers that you are legally and morally committed to ensuring a safe and hygienic environment.




Food Hygiene and Safety for Manufacturing

Food Hygiene and Safety for Manufacturing

We are no strangers when it comes to food. It is literally not possible for anybody to live without consuming food, so far nobody has. As we know food is any substance whether the materials came from plants or animals, we consume them to be provided with nutrients that we needed to survive and grow.

In the past people used to hunt the food that they are going to eat outside the herbs and fruits that they’ve known that they could consume it safely of course. As time progressed just as technology, political nature and knowledge among many other things have improved, our knowledge and the way we prepare food has also improved.  It’s not just how we gather the materials that we use to make food but even the way we eat it and how it tasted diversified and changed for the better overtime.

Later on came agriculture and soon enough we now live in the age where we no longer had the hurdles such as hunting that we faced in the past as we have food industries to provide our needs.

Now here comes the concern. How are we sure that those responsible for our food are doing their job correctly?  Since our knowledge, methods and technology that revolve around food has been better than ever. So are our standards in food safety.

Food manufacturing industry is essential nowadays, while we still commonly make cook and prepare food at our homes, issues such as food spoilage and food preparation takes time, knowledge and effort are addressed by food manufacturing.

Food manufacturing has big industry and has undeniable effect in our lives now. With that in mind it is only natural that we make sure that those who are in the manufacturing industry are following the standards and regulation that has been set for them.